Participants in Merida


Ing. José Dulanto

Developer at The Hybrid Group

Let's talk about:

Ruby, Rails, CSS

Let's talk about:


Mario Ricalde

COO at The Hybrid Group

Front-End Engineer filled with UI/UX/IX Design. With Project Mgmt topping and Business Dev dressing. Served with Sass & Compass. Prepared with Ruby & Love.

Let's talk about:

UI, UX, IX, Sass, Management, Business, Ruby, JavaScript, Vim, Japan, Games

Conceived as an entrepreneur and innovative, I have extensive experience in the area of mobile development and cloud solutions.

I have the satisfaction to provide and continue providing the vision and expertise to national companies, to specialists in the development area and entrepreneurs growing, through a bidirectional collaboration, which has allowed me to obtain a approach more comprehensive and the restlessness for launch my own business.

Let's talk about:

Technology matures when people do crazy and sometimes unthinkable things

Let's talk about:

Rails | Javascript | Bootstrap | PHP